About CUT

About CUT

About CUT

Cutting Underwater Technologies (CUT) has more than 35 years experience in providing both off the shelf and bespoke diamond wire cutting solutions globally. From our base in Aberdeen, the CUT Group has successfully performed almost 8000 cuts.

In addition to our existing fleet of more than 150 diamond wire tools ranging from 5.5” to 288” cutting capacity CUT has regularly provide clients with bespoke solutions.

Our diamond wire cutting machines can be surface powered down to 300m. Below 300m our diamond wire cutting machines would be ROV powered connected via “hot stabs” or short umbilical’s. Our deepest cut to date being 2,745m in the Gulf of Mexico.

CUT has also been involved in most of the major decommissioning projects completed to date including: 2017 – CNRI – Murchison Platform: 2016 – Shell Brent Delta Topside Removal: 2015 -B-11 Jacket: 2014 2/4S Jacket Removal.

The most recent addition to our fleet of diamond wire cutting machines is the 240" DWCM. The 240” DWCM has a cutting capacity of between 5m OD and 7.3m OD and was successfully used to cut the four 6m OD Murchison Jacket Legs during the summer of 2017. In, 2020, the 240" DWCM has been extended to a 288" DWCM for the cutting of the 7.315m OD Brent Alpha main legs.


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almost 8000

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