Onshore Cutting

CUT Group has many years of experience providing off the shelf and bespoke diamond wire cutting solutions to the onshore oil and gas and nuclear industries. CUT engineers have taken learning from the offshore oil and gas projects and applied them to providing onshore cutting solutions for the petrochemical, refining and nuclear industries.

Projects successfully completed to date include the removal of a Refinery Cracking Dome where we were required to develop an orbital DWCM delivering a high level of precision in depth and trajectory of the cut; size reductions of a Large Decanner, a Steam Dryer and large Flask in support of nuclear decommissioning projects.


The establishment of the CUT Nuclear was a significant step forward in the process of diversification of the applications of the Diamond Wire Cutting Technology targeting the nuclear industry. To date, CUT Nuclear has successfully completed projects in the UK, Europe and USA both in air and radioactive ponds.

In addition to cutting Flasks and Large Decanners’, CUT Nuclear developed the Plasma Cutter which was successfully used to cut a steam dryer 10m below the surface of a contaminated pond.