North Sea Platform Grouted Leg Cutting

Another successful north sea project completed in 2019, with 4 platform legs cut using our new 72” diamond wire cutting machine, utilising CUT UKs patented step cutting technique. CUT have exclusive use of a patent for castellated/step cuts (patent 2464482). Therefore, we are the only diamond wire cutting specialist who can provide the castellated/step cut required.

The completion of a step cut would mitigate against any danger of the platform legs sliding or having horizontal movement relative to the bottom part once cut. A step cut would provide structural stability, even with the top part of the platform resting on the bottom part.

Using the CUT UK patented method of cutting tubular members, it is possible to cut these platform legs with the utmost safety and within the times required for cutting each leg, without running the risk of compromising the stability of the structure and the success of the operation, and ensure that each leg, once cut has good stability and that its top and bottom parts do not move accidentally.