CUT News

Eastern Mediterranean Pile Cutting

Our 30″ diamond wire cutting machine in action in May 2020, cutting a 26″ pile in the Eastern Mediterranean water for our valued client. First mobilisation of this project completed, and more to go.

South East Asia Platform Cutting

19 diamond wire cuts successfully completed in South East Asia by CUT UK in Q1 2020. Well done team. All Operations completed safely and in line with COVID 19 regulations.

Miller Platform Decommissioning

CUT Group are pleased to inform of successful completion of a Diamond wire cutting scope project for the decommissioning of the Miller platform. A range of DWCMs were deployed which included 18”, 30”, 50”, 74” and Modular 120” DWCMs. In total CUT UK completed 66 cuts which included platform legs, braces, risers and Caissons. The … Continue reading Miller Platform Decommissioning