Cutting of 214.5” (5450mm) OD Disconnectable Single Point Mooring (DSPM) Offshore Australia

CUT have successfully completed a decommissioning scope offshore Western Australia, cutting the 214.5” (5450mm) Disconnectable Single Point Mooring (DSPM), aka the riser buoy, using our 240” machine, deployed vertically. The target consisted of

  • 15mm WT outer shell
  • Shell stiffeners
  • Internal bulkheads
  • Mooring tubes (6)
  • Cable tubes (12)
  • Clump weight tube
  • Gas lift riser tubes (3)
  • Umbilical tubes (3)
  • Production riser tubes (3)

CUT performed a thorough cutting analysis, resulting in a great success. The cut was completed first time, safely and achieved in 16hrs 30mins, which was considerably quicker than expected.