Cutting of 3080mm Casing & SSVBM Riser for NnG OWF Project

CUT used our 120” extended DWCM to cut a 3080mm diameter, 40mm WT casing, with internal riser (1.42m diameter and 22mm WT) and a soil pipe (220mm diameter, 12.7mm WT). The cut was completed in 9 hours, faster than expected. The image shown is of the riser.

Naga 7 Jack-up Recovery Project – Phase 1

Another successful major recovery project in Southeast Asia region. CUT completed a large number of cuts using our 10”, 18”, 40” and 50” DWCM in support of the Naga 7 Jack-up recovery project offshore Malaysia. We mobilised the equipment and personnel from Singapore.

120″ DWCM for Pile Cutting Offshore Congo

CUT supplied a 120″ DWCM as a contingency in case of premature pile refusal during driving/drilling, offshore Congo. The pile targets were 65KSI steel piles, 104″ OD & 100″ ID in water depths of 15M to 30M.

Cutting of 214.5” (5450mm) OD Disconnectable Single Point Mooring (DSPM) Offshore Australia

CUT have successfully completed a decommissioning scope offshore Western Australia, cutting the 214.5” (5450mm) Disconnectable Single Point Mooring (DSPM), aka the riser buoy, using our 240” machine, deployed vertically. The target consisted of 15mm WT outer shell Shell stiffeners Internal bulkheads Mooring tubes (6) Cable tubes (12) Clump weight tube Gas lift riser tubes (3) … Continue reading Cutting of 214.5” (5450mm) OD Disconnectable Single Point Mooring (DSPM) Offshore Australia

Australia Project: 3850mm dia MWA and 980mm dia Production Riser Gutters

16 successful cuts completed by our expert Operators, offshore Western Australia, utilising our 120” extended and 50” diamond wire cutting machines to cut 3850mm diameter Mid Water Arches and 980mm diameter Production Riser Gutters as part of the MEFF project. The client was delighted to see the entire operation completed safely, efficiently and on time. … Continue reading Australia Project: 3850mm dia MWA and 980mm dia Production Riser Gutters

Bend Restrictor Cutting

CUT UK completed more bend restrictor cuts. 42” OD, cut in 4hrs 10 mins, and 19” OD, cut in 37 mins. Great performance from the globally recognised diamond wire cutting specialists!

Thistle Platform Tanks

CUT UK completed underwater diamond wire cuts on the Thistle platform necessary for the crude oil storage tank separation. CUT utilised our field proven 18” and 64” DWCMs, along with HPUs, umbilical spoolers, deployment baskets and hot stabs. All cuts were completed successfully, on time and within budget. CUT were pleased to work again with … Continue reading Thistle Platform Tanks

Wind Farm Cable Cutting

CUT UK used our 30″ DWCM for the cutting of inter array cables on an offshore wind farm in German waters in early 2020. Great client, great weather, and the job was a success

Brent Alpha Decommissioning

Another world first for CUT UK! We were delighted to complete the cutting of all scopes on the Shell UK Brent Alpha jacket, including world record cuts of the three 288” (7.3m) diameter platform legs. The largest diameter offshore jacket cuts ever completed in a single pass. Heerema said “The Brent Alpha jacket removal presented … Continue reading Brent Alpha Decommissioning

Studlink Chain Cutting

CUT UK have completed 18 cuts of studlink chain, 142mm OD, grade R3S, for our valued client using our 6.5″ chain cutter. Whether it’s chains, bend restrictors, pipes or platform legs, CUT UK have the experience and knowledge to ensure your project goes smoothly.

Jotun A Studless Chain Cutting

CUT UK chain cutter being deployed to cut Jotun A 130mm studless chains, summer 2020. CUT UK can cut any target from the smallest chains to the largest platform legs.